Blogger Takes You Inside The Vortex Of Hustling In New Memoir

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Says the release for Justin Hernandez 's imminent memoir, Inside The Vortex, "Early years of abuse and neglect led to his eventual descent into the dark world of addiction, stripping, and even male escorting."

He grew up in the Bronx, hung with the pier queens, was "rejected by Christina Aguilera" (as a dancer, that is), and fled to Hollywood "to pursue his dance-star dreams."

Once there, he went from dancing to stripping to escorting.

"It was almost like I saw the money and checked my soul at the door," says Hernandez. "As time went on, the nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach increased..."

And he became addicted to alcohol and sex. He even remembers going shopping and having sex with a sales clerk in the dressing room. "And when I was paid for it, the money was the real aphrodysiac, not the men," adds the author.

More money, more shopping--and more sex in the dressing room.

Anyway, this is all interesting and I'm looking forward to reading it, but I'd love to also hear from the many workers in escorting/adult entertainment who weren't abused and didn't end up addicted and repulsed.

I know there are a lot of them out there, even if they're not trying to get a book published, for realistic reasons.


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If you want to check out his writing before spending $218 (for a paperback!) he has a blog called Naked in New York City. To give him the benefit of the doubt, let's just say he must have saved the good stuff for the book.


This is all too much like real life for me to get with.

Dude reminds me too much of the very ordinary people with ordinary talents who inhabit NYC and are CONVINCED their good looks and talents promises them a life of abundance.

There is nothing wrong with being ordinary, but know your place.

someone paid for sex with this.



@anonTWO  "but know your place."...that's a tad strong...but I get what you're saying...yes, we've had "better" for "free"...(maybe minus a few bright shiny objects in some cases, but "we" are the blame for that).

bethesda topcommenter

$218 is perfect because that's what hustlers charge these days.

bwaybill 1 Like

Agree with you that not all escorts come from a damaged background. But like you, I'm interested to hear his story.


This ain't a money-maker.

SavannahMontgomery 1 Like

OMG! I just looked it up...$218 on Amazon!  Does it come with dressing room privileges?


@SavannahMontgomery seems he's still hustling. who in the fuck charges north of $200 for a freakin' paperback book?! Especially when you already know the story.