Brendan Fraser: "I Can't Afford The Child Support Anymore!"

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George of the Jungle star Brendan Fraser is supposed to dole out $900,000 a year in child support to his ex-wife, but he's claiming he's broke and can't do that anymore.

Fraser had said he was not going to make a cent from movies because he had none lined up, but the ex wife has noted that he did eventually get some films made, which he even got paid for. According to the Post, she's accused him of trying to hide nine million dollars in earnings.

Well, then, Fraser has another reason for his negligence. He says he has various medical conditions that make everything hard for him and severely limit his earning power.

As one bitter hag on the gossip boards noted, "At least he doesn't spend his money on hair plugs."

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Bitter hag??? It's the cleverest comment on the page and rather generous, too. 

nammer 1 Like

he must have had a shitty divorce lawyer...

jonnyonenote 1 Like

He was so good in "Gods and Monsters."

$900,000 a year?  What is she, part of the 1 Percent of Ex-wives of Hollywood Stars?

Oy, I smell a BRAVO Reality show coming up.... 


Even with three kids (I think), $900,000 a year seems a bit steep.