Cute Guys In Outrageous Hats

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USABLE - MATKOT - 197199_378355625582765_2126224230_n.jpg
Says Shilling, "On the beaches of Tel Aviv, they play a game called Matkot, with bat and ball." So he showed this playful hat at Tel Aviv Fashion Week.
Yesterday, I had a chi-chi lunch at Barney's with hat designer David Shilling, who told me he makes the most expensive hats in the world, and each one is a unique piece.

What's more, the male models who sport them happen to be works of art unto themselves.

These photos of his astounding creations are from events like Embassy of Monaco in London, 2012; Tel Aviv Fashion Week, November 2012; and Jimmy'z, Monaco, for charity Frankie, in presence of HSH Prince Albert 11, November 2012.

Hats off to David Shilling!

david shilling london 004.JPG
Preview Embassy of Monaco, London--2012

USABLE - Jimmy'z Monaco flowers - IMG_0718.jpg
Eat your heart out, Carmen Miranda. This guy's definitely the flower of my secret.

Bibi hat - TLV IMG_0624.jpg
Bibi hat. Explosive. Tel Aviv Fashion Week

???????? ????? ?????? ?? ???? 2012 - ????? ??-???? ?????? 050.jpg
Another hot chapeau boy--definitely not for the birds.


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