Extra Show Added For Liza And Alan Cumming!

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Last year in Cherry Grove, Daniel Nardicio presented Alan Cumming and special guest Liza Minnelli in concert, and it became the buzzy event of the whole gay summer.

Those two were pretty delectable together. (And there was that Cabaret connection, so seeing them do a cabaret act made "duh" kind of sense.)

Well, they're coming back as a duo, this time to Town Hall on March 13--a day after Liza's 67th birthday.

And Liza's added a full band, and she and Alan are working on new material so it's not going to be a replica of the Fire Island shows.

The formula totally clicks.

In fact, Nardicio tells me that tickets flew so quickly that he's added a second show for the next night!

And suddenly the sound you hear from certain neighborhoods is "Maybe this time, I'll get tickets. Maybe this time, I'll win...."

Liza Minnelli & Alan Cumming � Koitz.jpg

Photo by Koitz.

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