I'll Be On Studio 54 Radio This Sunday!

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Marc, Myra, Mike
This Sunday night at 10 PM, I'll be on the Marc and Myra Show on Sirius XM's Studio 54 radio.

It all makes sense. Marc is Marc Benecke, who was the door god at the legendary disco.

Myra is Myra Scheer, who worked for co-owner Steve Rubell.

And I was a budding journalist slash nebbish who went there as often as I could wangle my way in, reporting on all the crazed antics and good times.

On the show (which we've taped), I talk about my experiences at Studio, the celebrities I hobnobbed with, the songs I adored, and what it's going to be like performing disco hits at 54 Below--the old basement of the place--on February 17.

I even asked Marc just how he landed that coveted job (which I call "the second most powerful position in NYC, after the mayor").

As a bonus, here's a shot of me taken by Allan Tannenbaum at Studio 54 back in the '70s! Don't ask.

Musto at Studio 54.jpeg

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My head is in a spin.....my feet don't touch the ground..............because you're near to me my head goes round and round. My heart.....it beats like a drum.