I'm Profiled In Today's Wall Street Journal

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Photo by Cassandra Giraldo for the Wall Street Journal
That paper's Ralph Gardner, Jr. quizzed me about my upcoming singing engagement at 54 Below, as well as digging into my memory bank for some vivid recollections of the original Studio 54.

And he wrote a really lovely piece that makes me look damned good. (Same for the photo, above. This clipping's a keeper.)

Gosh, as all the publicity about this recital keeps accumulating, perhaps I'd better rehearse some more!

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bethesda topcommenter

And then Pope!!!

SouthernDave like.author.displayName 1 Like

Musto cannot be stopped!

The Wall Street Journal!

 Who'da thunk it?

 As the Musto Media Juggernaut keeps rolling on, TIME's Man of the Year almost seems within reach!

bethesda topcommenter

Entering Xenon was an admission of defeat. (You couldn't get into Studio.)


"Do I keep waiting or go to Xenon where all the losers went?"

I'm happy to say I never stepped foot in that place...and as for 54, we (I never went alone and "we" were a cute mixed/looks and racially, bunch) never got in from the "git-go" (sometimes...if we got there "early"), but we were "nice"...when the doorman said 30 min... stand in line...we did and got in every time.


and I'm not just talking about "Gay Sundays" either...though we had better sense to attempt Friday or Saturday nights.

SavannahMontgomery like.author.displayName 1 Like

WHOA... WHOA... WHOA!!!!  [caps on purpose]....THE FRIGGIN WALL ST JOURNAL!!!! THEY "care" about "disco"....YOU SCORED MAJOR!!!   MWAAAAH!!!!

I'm in awe....really!