Inside Jackie O's Psychology: Here Comes A Tell-All

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Jackie O: On The Couch, Inside the Mind and Life of Jackie Kennedy Onassis (Bancroft Press) is described as "a fascinating, fictionalized biography by psychoanalyst and longtime student of Jackie lore, Dr. Alma H. Bond. An expert combination of meticulous research and scholarly understanding of the human mind, this read allows a secret look at Jackie, like listening and watching her privately reveal her innermost thoughts and feelings to her therapist."

Explored will be "Jackie's deep love for Jack, the cat and mouse game he played before their engagement, his early inattentiveness, and the difficult years they spent together, along with details of his outrageous womanizing and their happier times at the White House late in the marriage are viewed through her eyes."

Also: "Bond looks into the widow Jackie's need for Aristotle Onassis; debunking the idea that she married Ari purely for his money, and, says Bond, 'discloses previously unknown graphic details of Jackie's sexual awakening.' The joyful early years are captured and the gradual collapse of the marriage and Ari's death. Jackie's successful entry into the publishing world and how the work helped to define her follows.

"Jackie's new persona allows her to form the best relationship of her life with the elderly, stout, and adoring Maurice Tempelsman-who gave Jackie the love, devotion and constancy that she never received from either husband."

Towards the end of her life, Jackie was two inches away from me at a reception in the lobby of the Public Theater. She was chatting with her date, Maurice Tempelsman, in between nibbling on a chocolate chip cookie. That was my chance to pounce and dive inside her mind--while also stealing the cookie--but I chickened out and decided to respect her privacy since I'm sure she was harassed day and night.

Hopefully this book will provide the glimpse I didn't get then.

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It's interesting to read the comments below that recall Mrs. Onassis given a great deal of privacy sometimes in life; this book doesn't grant her that grace in death.  Then again, Dr. Bond's text is described as a "fictional biography," and she hasn't actually used medical records--the notes of actual psychiatric sessions--as, for instance, Diane Wood Middlebrook did in her controversial biography of poet Anne Sexton.  In contract,  Dr. Bond's account might be received like a novel rather than a historical account.  That might make me feel less guilty about devouring it, as I plan to.


Did she have Secret Service protection? Cause I really get the impression that if she wanted to go someplace, she just went there with no fuss. Maybe they were so discreet nobody knew they were there.


Debunking the idea that Jackie married Ari purely for money certainly would be a fictionalized account.  The man looked hideous.


Back in the early 80s a friend and I went to see Warren Beatty's Reds at an East Side theater. It was sold out. Jackie and her friend arrived in the loge just before the lights went down. Several offered her seats, but she declined and she and her friend sat on the steps. Nobody bothered her. Leaving the movie, the crowd left about a ten feet diameter zone around her where nobody entered out of respect for her privacy. Of course everyone was watching her and she and her friend chatted away as though nobody was around.

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@PhilNY Same time frame saw her standing in line for the ladies room at a B'way theater....same 10' zone formed around the line.  

Also, I spoke to her on the phone [her publishing days...I worked at an answering service]..."Tell her to call Jackie Onassis, that's O-N-A.- I quickly/politely told her I got it, while wanting to scream out loud "I'VE GOT JACKIE O! ON LINE 6!!!"   Which I basically did after I hung up.