Fran Lebowitz Doesn't Love Hugh Jackman

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Photo by David Shankbone/Wikipedia
Last night, eternal wit Fran Lebowitz was quizzed by Wickham Boyle (and audience members asking their own questions) in the Surrey Hotel's Presidential suite as the centerpiece of a salon hosted by Watch! magazine.

At one point, Lebowitz was asked what she thinks of Hugh Jackman.

She didn't pause before answering:

"I'll say the same thing I used to say about Liza Minnelli. I can see that he's very, very talented. But I hate that kind of show biz.

"I agree--he sings, he dances."

Wry pause.

"But I hate that!"

I wonder if Hugh (les) mizzes her support.

Some other Lebo-wit from last night:

"Democracy is the most unnatural, artificial form of government, and the most sophisticated. You want to see a natural form of government? Go to a playground. And we're going more and more to the playground. The worst, biggest kid is the one who decides everything."

"The news is what's happened. Not what you think is going to happen. That's fortune telling."

"There was always a hatred of intellectuals in this country. No one became President because he was smart. 'He's so handsome! We don't care that he's smart. We'll tolerate it'."

"I can't smoke a cigarette--everyone is terrified of my second-hand smoke--but everyone having an assault weapon, that is relaxing!"

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Why is there a picture of Gene Simmons in this article?


I love love love FL...writers block or no...the Scorese documentary is hilarious. I could listen to her talk forever. A true NYC wit. hahahhahahhahahah

SouthernDave 1 Like

I wish this gifted gal would turn out another collectionn of pieces. If her writer's block is so severe, get someone to follow her around with a tape recorder. Publish her interviews, as you have done.

We need her prickly, clear-eyed  wit and intelligence now more than ever.

Get a still from her "Law & Order" appearances as a jurist for the cover and call it "Fran Lebowitz's Judgements."

GUEST 1 Like

A classic semitic beauty... the face that sank a thousand quips.


OMG Fran looks like a lesbian version of Diana Vreeland!  The spitting image!

bethesda topcommenter

"Lebo-wit." Love that! If she ever wrote another book, that should be the title.

jackson30 topcommenter

She's a curmudgeon but an observant and funny one.