My Thoughts About Beyonce: See If You Agree

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I said this to a friend the other night and she agreed so vehemently her eyes almost popped out of her head from nodding so hard.

"The woman is talented," I brilliantly offered, as my pal started nodding in agreement.

"I mean, girl can really sing," I went on, oozily. "And she can dance. And there's no doubt she can do it all live when they'll allow her to."

My friend had turned into a car Buddha by now, nodding like a lunatic.

"She's just an all-around winner--beautiful, gifted, and full of energy and ambition," I enthused as my friend continued the up-down motions of her head as if she were an alarm clock bell.

"But there's just one thing," I added.

"What's that?" she asked, her head stationary for a second.

"She leaves me cold."


"And she'll never be Diana Ross".

Nod nod nod nod nod nod.....

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leave her alone. girlfriend is doing her thing.


billyjoe, you are on the right track for my feelings too, except I will go a step farther, a step darker and say I feel like I was at a strip club.  Beyonce gave thousands of people in the stadium and millions of viewers at home a "lap dance".   I was embarrassed and only kept watching because some of the digital work on screen was fascinating.  

billyjoe 1 Like

Recommendation: Listen to the PS 22 Chorus cover version of Beyonce's "Halo" on YouTube.

As for watching Beyonce  "perform": One might think they're actually at the circus instead.


I've got to give her props for being a very hard worker and I LIKE some of her music going way back to her Destiny's Child days,  but she doesnt do it for me either.

I caught her half time show and I was surprised how mediocre and routine her brief 13 minute routine was.

"they" say she gives a good show but after seeing that half time performance, I would never pay a dime to see her perform.

I'll go further and say if Aaliyah was still around, there would be no room for Beyonce.

Aaliyah was that girl who was turning it up and about to be the triple threat that Beyonce and her peeps desperately want her to be.

bethesda topcommenter

"Slow gossip day"? Hardly. On Facebook, this has elicited TONS of comments. it's an interesting topic and I have to agree that she's a fembot.


Let the church say AMEN!!  She is waaaay too calculated without an ounce of "frailty."  And that "marriage"...


Agree! Shes too boring and predictable.