Poor Melissa McCarthy Deserves Better

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Melissa McCarthy is a gifted, award winning comic actress who shines in good material.

But I couldn't get through all of Identity Thief, which squanders Melissa's talents by making her sink really low, and not in a fun way.

After the lady crapped in the sink in Bridesmaids, I guess Hollywood thought, "She'll do anything!"

So they have her playing a psycho who's violent and sex crazed and a food hog and will stoop at anything to try to get out a mess, thereby making the mess even bigger.

What they forgot is that her character in Bridesmaids was endearing and just happened to get the runs!

Here, she's playing a beast (with some obligatory I-had-a-rough-background stuff thrown in for sympathy's sake) and the parts I saw didn't play up to her talents.

Just because Melissa is plus-sized, they're sticking her in belligerent, out of control characters in an attempt to make her a female Chris Farley.

Let her breathe!

The fact that the movie is a hit could exacerbate the problem, since Melissa will now be pegged for this sort of thing for quite a while.

On another sad note, the Jason Bateman character is named Sandy, which is mentioned seemingly millions of times throughout the movie, and all I could think every time was, "The hurricane!"

Also, he lives in Denver and the police there are portrayed as lazy and lackadaisical, which made me think, "The Dark Knight killings!"

Unfortunate timing.

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Musto's saying the character is a beast, but Melissa is an excellent comic actress and deserves better.


Michael?  What did you think about Rex Reed's review and what he had to say about Melissa?


Yes!  They're trying to make her a "Stooge" and the woman is NOT!  I get the "let's make her appealing to 13yrs olds" aspect of this flick and who knows... maybe this is her "strike while the iron is hot, I got kids, who knows when this will last." moment....after all, "Mike & Molly" when it premiered was a dark horse...who knew "Bridesmaids" would take off?


Thank you for saying this!!!


@Wunderama Wunderama (and Michael), There is a big squawk going on about this in a movie thread in the Dave Cullen Brokeback Mountain forum. Someone was furious about Reed's review and they and like-mindeds are fighting with people feeling that Reed's comments were on the mark.  I agree with Michael--it's not McCarthy, it's the type of character she is playing in this movie and the type that she looks perilously close to being pigeonholed into.  I would hate for her to become the onscreen female Chris Farley--yecch!