Porn Stars, Models, Dancers, And Bodybuilders Get Their Own NYC Club

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Finally, a press release to get excited by:

"ADONIS LOUNGE, which has in four short years become the go-to nightspot for beautiful men and their admirers in NYC, will now open its own venue, at 22 West 39th Street, between 5th and 6th Avenues, beginning Saturday March 9th, when over 30 porn stars, models, dancers, bodybuilders and go-go studs will inaugurate the new spot.

"The festivities begin at 9pm every Wednesday and Saturday night, and include Full Stage Show, Full Bar, Lap Dances, and Champagne Rooms. There is a $10 cover charge and never a minimum.

"This new, improved venue will mark another giant step in the growth of Adonis Lounge since its humble beginnings in hipster Greenpoint Brooklyn: The new space will offer improved facilities, including greater seating options and more space to spend time with your favorite dancer, all in a convenient midtown location, steps from 5th Avenue and Times Square.

"Jake Genesis, Pierre Fitch, Christian Sharp, Rocco Reed, Andrew Justice, Angel Diablo, Kirk Cummings, Chris Bines, Donny Wright, Rudolph Schneider, Alex Graham, and Sean Cody rising star Aiden will make their ADONIS debuts and be among the many stars to grace the stages at the new venue in upcoming weeks, along with the return of such ADONIS favorites Marcus Mojo, Jeremy Bilding, Vito Gallo, Braden Charron, and Brad Barnes

"ADONIS is the only place in NYC to see your favorite stars up close and personal!!"

Adonis, by the way, used to be at Evolve on East 58th Street (right across from the Townhouse), but now it has a home unto itself, and I shall be there, like Dolly Levi descending the stairs of the Harmonia Gardens.

And descending and descending...

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Why not send Reverend Jeffress, the Dallas-based hate-monger a few complimentary tickets. 


This is what irks me about older guys. And I says this as I'm about to turn 42. Too many of you look to get off, with total disregard at whatever and whoever's cost it comes at.

For it should bother you how its promotion is likely to praise the White and light-complexioned aesthetic, thereby catering to the racism that the NYC gay community and nightlife is PLAGUED with. So it should bother you that some of the people listed to perform are known racists. Plus, it should bother you how this place will be parading and praising gay-for-pay bitches in denial. But that's too much like right to care.

Like I said, as males get older, they seem to lose their manhood and humanity in caring about at who's and what cost what they're getting off to comes at. There's a reason I don't look like the 42 I'm nearing. It's not because of Botox. It's not because of surgery. And it's not because "black don't crack". It's because my humanity is enough intact to have such concerns, AND refuse to repress them.


Anyone know who Mr. 3rd from left is ? He's a big hunk-o-man


Poor Evolve. Now they only have that transsexual night.