The 10 Gayest Celebrity Portraits In The New World of Wonder Book

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WOW Bruce Vilanch.jpg
Those World of Wonder cuties Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey have produced all sorts of colorful movies and TV shows, and now they've birthed a book chronicling their extremely vivid life in the culture. has thoughtfully compiled 10 of the gay-gay-gay portraits included in the book--all photographed by Idris + Tony--and by the last one you'll either be gay or gayer.

Above is a hungry Bruce Vilanch.

And here comes a milky fresh Alec Mapa, a well-accessorized Simon Doonan, and of course yours truly in a jar.

Gayer yet?

WOW Alec Mapa.jpg

WOW Simon Doonan.jpg

WOW Michael Musto.jpg

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