The Notebook Author Won't Do A Gay Book!

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He said as much to when they asked him about it at a premiere of Safe Haven, the latest movie based on a Sparks hetero romance novel.

Sparks says he's considered such a venture, "though it's not exactly in my genre," so it's not happening for him.

His genre usually involves a straight couple, a piece of jewelry, a hint of Alzheimer's, and lots of flashbacks.

Sparks added that other venues might be the better place for that sort of thing, but "with the novels, I try to give the people what they expect."

Well, I'm one of the people and I expect gays!

Thanks to Brian Moylan for passing along the item.

Straight Haven...I mean Safe Haven

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Safe Haven has gotten such shitty reviews he really SHOULD have put in some gay characters.

jackson30 topcommenter

Love the description of his genre! His shit is so formula it's almost like all he does is change the characters' names.