Too Many Gay Porn Stars Are Dying

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Four in a row. The idols that guys look to for sexuality, confidence, and oomph often mask deep-seated problems and insecurities beneath their bulging bravado.

Arpad Miklos (above) committed suicide last Sunday, at age 45.

Josh Weston died in December from "septic shock and bacterial endocarditis, which were complications related to his HIV positive status." He was 39.

Adam Faust died at age 38 last August. He'd had a heart attack, and though there was no cause of death released, a friend murmured something about crystal abuse.

Erik Rhodes died in his sleep of a heart attack last June. He was 30.

It's sad that so many of these gods are so fallible, susceptible, hapless, and/or profoundly mortal.

Josh Weston

Adam Faust

Erik Rhodes

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