When Your Boyfriend Becomes Your Ex Girlfriend

It sounds like an old Maury episode, but it's actually the subject of this week's column, an eye opening romp with promoter/DJ Michael Formika Jones (who's also been known as drag goddess Misstress Formika).

Formika told me told me the above scenario happened to him.

He was dating a guy, who one day surprised him by expressing an interest in transitioning.

They kept the relationship going, and in fact, Formika enjoyed having sex with what he viewed as a cute boy with boobs (though fully aware she was a woman).

But once the transition was complete, Formika realized, "I'm a fag, not a lesbian."

You will be amazed by this story--especially when it gets to the part who the ex-girlfriend went on to sleep with.

And also the bit about how Formika recently hooked up with a female to male transsexual, clearly more piqued by the idea of a man with a vagina than a woman with a vagina.

Read the column. It will change you.

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This is why I love the Village Voice and always will.


It would take the combined talents of  John Waters, Harvey Fierstein, Ethan Mordden, Mart Crowley, Stephen Sondheim and Michael Musto to turn this story into a novel -- and subsequent musical.