Drag Queens And Gay Sex Are Back On Broadway Where They Belong! Here's The Dish

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This week's column is a perky peek inside two of the shows that are helping make it a tres-gay season on Broadway:

There's Kinky Boots, based on the movie about an enterprising drag queen who saves a shoe factory, with a Harvey Fierstein script and a Cyndi Lauper score.

And there's also a Richard Greenberg adaptation of Truman Capote's Breakfast at Tiffany's, starring Emilia Clarke as the ever-searching Holly Golightly and Corey Michael Smith as the Capote character with a sexual journey that might surprise you. (Smith told me just what kinds of relations his character has in the play--they were definitely not in the movie).

But wait a minute! Fierstein told me that Lola, the lead drag character in Kinky Boots, is straight, but Billy Porter, who plays him, told me he's definitely gay!

Are you starting to sense that this is an extremely interesting column?


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bethesda topcommenter

Yeah, when I think Cyndi songs, I think "Sally's Pigeons," not "Time After Time." Please!


it's "Sally's Pigeons" (from her "Hat Full of Stars" album, which mega-flopped, the concert at Irving Plaza for it was good, 'though!).


Cyndi's not a good songwriter ("Sally Pigeons" anyone?) but I think Jerry Mitchell cruised me on W. 49th the other night so I'll say it looks kinda fun.


Harvey and Cyndi are the new Kander and Ebb.