Barbara Walters Retiring? Here's What I Said On TV About That

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Jill Niccolini interviewed me for the Fox 5 News at 10 last night about the report that Barbara Walters is supposedly retiring next year.

I'm not sure which sound bites they used--after the interview, I went off to see Tom Hanks in a play---but above is a photo of me telling Jill stuff like:

"If this is true, I'm shocked. I thought Barbara Walters and Regis Philbin would be the two people who'd be on TV till the very end. I never thought she'd step down!"

But I said she must be somewhat frail and ready to step back and reflect on her immense past as a powerful woman who trailblazed, made grown men cry, and dealt with internal battles while keeping on.

When Jill reminded me that Regis is indeed coming back a a sports show host, I said that would be a great job for Barbara too! Something fresh and surprising.

As for who should replace her on The View? "Joan Rivers," I exclaimed.

I mean, can we talk? She can. And I'm sure she can summon the gravitas when needed.

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Joan would start on Monday and be toast by Thursday. And Whoopi would be booked for battery on Friday.


Nice sweater :::evil grin::: 


barbara? i bet there's room for her in brooke astor's crypt.