Diva Showdown: Patti LuPone vs. Faye Dunaway

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These two have long been astral twins crossed with unwitting rivals. Check it out:

In 1979, Patti triumphed on Broadway in Evita.

In 1981, Faye played the same role in a TV movie, Evita Peron.

In 1993, Patti went to London to star in Sunset Boulevard and was canned early on.

The next year, Faye was set to replace Glenn Close in the L.A. (pre-Broadway) production of the same show, but got axed as well.

That must have bonded the two divas in anti-Lloyd-Webber-dom, but here comes a whole new twist.

Faye has been working on her screen version of Master Class, about opera star Maria Callas, for ages! Years and years ago I asked her what was taking so long and she calmly replied, "It's not taking that long." Well, it's still allegedly in post-production.

But get this:

Natterers on the Broadway boards now say that Patti--who replaced Zoe Caldwell in the original Broadway version--is shooting Master Class for HBO.

The gunshot you just heard came from Faye Dunaway's direction--but wait a minute! It turns out it's HBO's Masterclass series that Patti has filmed. You know, the look at how an artist operates and performs. And all's good in Faye's world again.


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Dunaway just tweeted last week that shoot is resuming in New York on Master Class....again! She tweeted that she was finalizing the production offices there for production. Last year she said she would be taking it Cannes this year. I tweeted to ask her if Master Class would be at the festival this year and she answered back: Not this year, I don't believe. The saga continues!


Bottom line is Patti is a great actress and a kick ass singer. Faye would have failed in Sunset. She doesn't have the vocal chops.


Faye Dunaway played Evita???? This I gotta see.


Have they ever been in the same room together?