"Fag Hag"? "Fruit Fly"? By Any Name, They're Bigger Than Ever

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This week's column dissects whether the term "fag hag" is acceptable. And how about "fruit fly"?

And whatever you want to call it, I discuss what drives women into this phenomenon, where they feel safer at a gay bar than any other establishment--even a hair salon. (And no, that's not the same thing. Ugh! The stereotyping going on here!)

But seriously: Why do some young women love nothing more than clustering around men who are way more interested in their gal pals' accessories than their body parts? Is it because they want to be assured that no one will put the make on them for a few hours? And what happens when sex does become an issue because the young woman suddenly becomes attracted to the gay guys?

It happens.

I got two flaming fruit flies to spill the goods on the charms and pitfalls of their fate, as well as whether or not gay men are really more sensitive about things. (Hint: NO!)

Anyway, read the column for a full report.

All my lady friends are gonna love this one.

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A woman I know prefers to refer to herself as "Queens' Consort".

atmospheredesigns like.author.displayName 1 Like

Having been a fag hag myself, I was persecuted right along with my friends. I had to read a young man recently explaining that I'm the one who held your hand in the hospital when you got beat up. I brought you to the ladies rooms when you were in bad drag. I marched for your rights down 5th Ave. in 1978 (and ended up in Bolt magazine - ha!) way before it was um... "fashionable". I saw many dear friends die in the 70's and 80's that are dearly missed. I was in the trenches right beside you when it counted. I cringe at women who think they are being so progressive these days but scoff behind your backs. There is a huge void in my life now without Mary Louise. So I visit you dear Michael! Love you!    


I think these women are attention whores and going to gay bars makes them feel special or outre.  Get some therapy!

bethesda topcommenter

Loved this column!!! Fag hag talk is always worthwhile.

SouthernDave like.author.displayName 1 Like

Really good columnn, a nice balance between reportage and banter.

My favorite sentence:

"Lauren happened to meet her current boyfriend because her gay best friend was hitting on him at a concert, and when he found out the guy was straight, he brought him over to Lauren like a cat holding out a mouse. "

That's cherce, Mr. Musto.



Illuminating column. Loved both Lauren and Lizzie--two very different types of "f*g h*gs"