Gayest Movie Ever!

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It's 1982's The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas, which they show in seeming constant rotation at the HK gay country bar Flaming Saddles.

Here's the cast:

Burt Reynolds. Dolly Parton. Dom DeLuise. Jim Nabors. And some Broadway types.

And though it purports to be about a bunch of female prostitutes, what you mainly remember are the male chorus members.

They prance around, trying to look butch and interested in the ladies, though they're generally swishy, lip glossed, and don't exactly light up the screen with sexual electricity when dancing with a whore. Watching it now, you feel like you're not just at Flaming Saddles, but you're looking at a movie about it.

There's even a shot where the guys' asses are shown--which is way more than you get to see of the women, proving beyond a doubt that this is definitely a gay film! And I'm not complaining, mind you. While the film's hard candy Christmas may not be all that hard, songs like "Sneakin' Around" and "Girl, You're A Woman" definitely develop extra resonance in this country-camp classic.




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Saw it recently on Cozi-TV and howled! Yes, it's campy as hell and the number "Hard Candy Xmas" sounds like something out of "A Chorus Line" with the whores packing up their sad belongings and singing "Maybe I'll settle down, maybe I'll buy a gown, maybe I'll go into teaching..." And Charles Durning's number in the court house where he's mincing around is hysterical.  Dolly looks puffy because she wasn't well, and her version of "I Will Always Love" isn't good, but it is touching at the end.


 This is the film that introduced Dolly s "I Will Always Love You," which makes it even gayer. And "Chicken Ranch" has a gayish sound to it too.


Dom DeLuise looks like he's in drag. As usual.