Get A Load Of Gaga's 24-Karat Wheelchair

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While she recovers from hip-related surgery, Lady Gaga is rolling around in a 24-karat gold-plated wheelchair she had personally designed for her.

The Lady contacted a noted jewelry designer and asked them to whip up the flamboyant machine so she can wheel around like a true celebrity.

(Or more accurately, to sit in it for a Terry Richardson photo shoot. The designer is not sure that Gaga is using it in real life as well.)

We hope this vehicle makes the woman feel better--and gets her more press items like this one--but does anyone wonder if the money could have spent on something more meaningful?

Like gold trim for my surgical shoes?

Anyway, the wheelchair is at the link.

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Obscenely obnoxious. Very "new money" of her


Will it wheel her back to the front tier of stardom? Doubtful.