Get Your Meningitis Vaccine!

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First it was just sexually hyperactive HIV-positive gay men in certain parts of Brooklyn who were advised to get the meningitis vaccine.

Now that the total number of cases is up to 22, they're saying all gay men in any part of NYC, regardless of HIV status, should get the injection, if they hook up on apps or at bars or parties.

I don't get these distinctions. From what I've read, meningitis can be way easier to catch than AIDS. So why wouldn't the whole populace be at risk?

In any case, I'm urging people to get the shot. Even if you're a straight woman, maybe you should just say you're a gay man and go get it.

Of course my big fear is that some people will assume getting the shot gives them carte blanche to do anything sexually, and that will spike HIV rates even more.

But one thing at a time. Get your shots. There is a preventative measure for meningitis, so we must use it.

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i'm glad you wrote about this. thanks Michael.


What about all those tourists who come in for a weekend fling and then go back to wifey-pooh somewhere in the Flyover States?  And the married men who meet on-line who will never admit to being gay but just have sex with men?  I'm surprised it's just relegated to NYC boroughs (especially Brooklyn -- maybe it's a reaction to having watched "Girls" for 2 seasons!).