British Comedian Lambasts Joan Rivers

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Adam Hills has gone on the offensive against the fact that Joan Rivers's recent jokes went on the offensive, and you'll have to decide which of the two to be offended by.

Said Hills:

"If you make fat jokes about Adele, you're being a dick."

Ooh, fighting words there!

He also urged Rivers to "get a plastic surgeon to manufacture yourself a new soul."

Nah, I think she'll be fine.

Rivers has also drawn some criticism for her recent joke about Heidi Klum:

"The last time a German looked this hot was when they were pushing Jews into the ovens."

Oh dear Lord, I'm surely going someplace even hotter--the bowels of hell--because I just laughed at that one.

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steven.mccasland 1 Like

I love Joan.... But the Adele jokes are tasteless and unfunny.


she looks like howdy doody. madame the puppet and miss piggy would make the cover of sports illustrated swimsuit edition before drone rivers. what a dog. again, an insult to bitches everywhere.


Adam Hills is AUSTRALIAN. It was just live on British TV as his show 'The Last Leg' is a British show.


For your information Adam Hills is an Australian & is normally an inoffensive comedian.

RC61Austin 1 Like

I like Michael Musto....Joan Rivers...not so much.

GUEST 1 Like

Burning Joan at a high enough temperature, as in a resource recovery plant (2500oF) will break her down into CO2 and H2O, however just burning her will release harmful chemicals (dioxins) into the atmosphere and give off a putrid smell.
Burying Joan will only put her out of site. She will not decompose. 
Recycling Joan will make the materials available for other plastic products without using more petroleum products.

As for me, I can live with the fleeting, stinky release of a few harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. 


Amazing that Joan is still making waves. Congrats to her.

bethesda topcommenter

See you in hell!