Kim Kardashian Not Bad In Tyler Perry Film

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Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor--based on one of Tyler Perry's old plays--snuck into theaters without press screenings, as per usual with his flicks.

The one review that I saw condemned the casting of Kim Kardashian as a shallow worker at a dating agency.

But a source who's seen the film says Kim's actually OK.

"She looks great," said the source, "and at least she has a pulse! She's alive! The film is just so dull. I can't imagine anyone wanting to see it."

Especially when they hear about the plot where a billionaire baddie spreads HIV to women, with the apparent moral, "Cheat and you get AIDS."

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Nothing shocks me in the world of cinema now, ever since the Jersey Shore gang turned in impressive comic performances in The Three Stooges.


I'm no Kardashian fan, but even a stopped clock is right twice a day...she isn't the fount of all that's evil  I mean, yes, she has pretty much built a career on her sex tape ("I'm cuming!")  wears tacky clothes (Dash?  uggh) and is so self centered she had never even discussed her friend Jonathan's personal life with him enough to know whether he is gay or straight and her husband of 72 hours had to try to find it out for her...okay maybe she really is that bad


Seen in the checkout line: The headline on the Enquirer is something about KK isn't really pregnant. Weird.

SouthernDave 1 Like

You couldn't drag me (pun intended) to a Tyler Perry movie.

I saw one of his stage productions and that was enough.

Hear that Streisand is out and Madea is now "YoMama Rose" in the "Gypsy" remake.


Another Oscar for Kim, lol.