Breaking Story: Large Sodas Are OK In NYC After All!

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Tasteful amounts. Blech.
A judge has blocked Mayor Bloomberg's measure to ban large sodas at theaters and other establishments.

This may be seen by some as a terrible blow against solving the obesity problem.

But I see it as a victory for the right to choose in a society that should foster education over Big Brother-style legal limitations.


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People aren't obese or have health problems because of the size of soda. It's because a small orange juice cost triple the amount of a 2 liter of soda. Particularly in "inner city" areas. Take a GOOD look around people.


What are the odds that this dude will get re-elected? Hopefully the people will finally say enough is enough and elect someone who's not part of the global elite.


@jocosity  Zero chance.  He's term-limited.  Although that didn't stop him last time, this time he's not running.

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I hear you.  Here in Austin, there are plenty of people who are not happy about a plastic bag ban.  No more paper bags or thin plastic bags for our purchases.  Though I'm not from NYC, every morning, I read the NY Daily News and NY your columns.  Your mayor is a major control freak.  First ear buds.   I'm sort of a political moderate, but the idea of one individual telling people what they should do and how they should do it strikes me as ridiculous.