Oh, The Fun Cyndi Lauper And I Had Last Night!

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DIFFA had its annual, amazing Dining By Design gala at Pier 94, where tables were designed by really big time names and houses, and were filled with rich people paying for a charitable dinner.

Luckily, I got seated at the table designed by David Rockwell, who did the set for Broadway's Kinky Boots, so I got to sit with my old pal Cyndi Lauper, who did the score!

And she was in rare form.

Cyndi filled me in on some of the horrors she experienced under various record labels, as well as the "dwarf" that sued her when she wanted to do Kinky Boots instead of a tour. She told me about how when the Dalai Lama touched her shoulder, she didn't change at all!

And I reminded her that way before Kinky Boots, she was already quite enamored of drag queens. "Why?" I wondered.

"Because I am a drag queen," she exclaimed, sensibly.

While I had her captive, I asked Cyndi about the sexuality of the show's drag character, Lola.

After all, Harvey Fierstein, who wrote it, recently told me Lola's straight, but Billy Porter, who plays the character, said Lola's gay.

"I don't even care if Lola's straight or gay," Cyndi replied. "It doesn't matter. Just that people who are very different from each other can overcome their differences for the greater good.

"That's why I did the show--and the shoes!"

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Okay have to say that the songs for this are pretty good, my friend saw it and loved it!  Way to go, Cyndi!


She was notoriously difficult with her record companies, but her albums were better before she got more control over her material.  She's never had a hit after she left Epic, she's not the songwriter she thinks she is, and her timing's off, Bette had a show about drag queens and it bombed, there's too much shit about drag queens, I'm sick of them already!

musto moderator

All kinds of fabulous "kinky boots" were hanging over us. It was really something.