One Thing That Hurt The AIDS Movie's Oscar Chances

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David France's How To Survive A Plague--about ACT UP, the activist group that was founded in fury against the lack of attention to AIDS--won a bunch of awards and 100% raves before being nominated for the Oscar for Best Documentary.

The winner was Searching For Sugar Man--about the search for a musical hero--which had also copped honors and praise, its admirers going absolutely wild for its offbeat and heartening story.

But I felt the Best Documentary competition became less of a horserace at one particular moment:

When they decided that the entire voting populace would vote on that category, not just the documentary people, which had previously been the case.

"Uh-oh," I moaned to friends.

"That's the end of Plague's chances.

"After all, these are the people who wouldn't even look at Brokeback Mountain because it made them squeamish."

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I think they didn;t explain this film was a gret documentary, but a specfic, small chunk of the whole ActUP. The T&D committee was critical - but no the whole story. They also didn't reveal in the film that the NYPD and FBI had infiltrated ActUP and bred as much division and dissent within the group as possible. I think these two things, one in the inside on on the outside- could have changed the mind of the academy.


Seems like they just gave Ang Lee another Best Director award because they still feel guilty about Brokeback.