Pick Up A Pay Phone And You'll Hear My Voice

Categories: New York

You remember pay phones. They were popular around the same time as fax machines and messenger pigeons.

And there are some left. Even better, there are some that work.

So a fascinating new artistic project has hooked up 5000 NYC pay phones so that if you pick up the receiver and call 1-855-FOR-1993 (toll-free), you'll hear various notables like myself reminiscing about the wonders and horrors of our city back in '93.

Topics covered include the club culture, the changing neighborhoods, the sex industry, the galleries, and the politics.

I'm going to try it today to see what I have to say.

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**** ANGGGH  ANGGGH  ANGGGH  ANGGGH ****  (another lost sound)

"There appears to be a Michael Musto off the hook, There appears to be a Michael Musto off the hook..."


***BIONG ONG ONG! BIONG ONG ONG!BIONG ONG ONG!*** (for those of you who remember that sound)

"The number you have dialed..855-FOR-1993  is not in use by your dealer...I repeat, 855-FOR-1993 is not in use at this time...please consult your nearest trick for an alternative number."


That's sort of cool !!! But you can actually do it from any phone.