Taylor Swift: I'm Not Clingy, Insane, And Desperate!

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The singer of hurt feelings--sort of the mini-me of Adele--is not in on the jokes about her love life.

For one thing, she tells Vanity Fair that a lot of her alleged romances that are discussed in the tabs are guys she simply said hello to. They've made her a fictional character!

Secondly, "For a female to write about her feelings and then be portrayed as some clingy, insane, desperate girlfriend in need of making you marry her and have kids with her, I think that's taking something that potentially should be celebrated--a woman writing about her feelings in a confessional way--that's taking it and turning it and twisting it into something that is frankly a little sexist."

True--but it would be nice if she occasionally shared some positive feelings.

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"True--but it would be nice if she occasionally shared some positive feelings."

"Sparks Fly"
"The Best Day"
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"State of Grace"
"I'm Only Me When I'm With You"
"Everything Has Changed"
"Mary's Song (Oh My My)"
"Today Was A Fairytale"
"Long Live"
"Begin Again"
"Love Story"
"Tied Together With A Smile"
"Hey Stephen"


I say she sucks ass and is over!  She ain't no Linda Ronstadt!

jonnyonenote like.author.displayName 1 Like

Well, she certainly proves that she belongs on the cover of "VANITY" Fair.   Love the tagline: "Her Men...Her Moods...Her Music."  "Her Menopause" can't come soon enough.


When celebs are on the defensive all the time, they become boring All her songs are lashing out at either ex boyfriends for their behavior or the press for saying she can't sing. And now her interviews are lashing out once again. Hush and just sing, little one.

bethesda topcommenter

I still say she's clingy insane and desperate lol.