The Best Crack About The New Pope So Far

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A regular on the All That Chat board (filled with Broadway dishers) had this to say:

"The last time an Argentinian came out on a big balcony in a white dress, she sang 'Don't Cry For Me, Argentina'.

"What's this one going to sing?"

That was a great enough comment, I thought, as I giggled like a schoolgirl.

But it was topped by this response:

"I would not recommend 'Climb up on my knee, sonny boy'."

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It only stands to reason after you put on your new drag, slap on a pair of ruby red slippers and have a band waiting, the crowd would be wantin' you to lay a little song on 'em before you go back inside and start poo-pooing gays.

bethesda topcommenter

"I Am What I Am"?

SavannahMontgomery 1 Like

♫ "Thank you all, for the gifts and the flowers....but I'm not marrying you old homosexuals today"♫