All About That Legendary Prostitute Movie Scene, Complete With Yogurt

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The Ken Russell-directed Crimes of Passion is a heady, hilarious, raunchy, maddening romp about an unhappily married magician, a psychotic reverend, and a female fashion designer who whores at night as the multi-personality-laden China Blue.

That the latter two characters were played by Anthony Perkins and Kathleen Turner added a lot of juice to the 1984 film, which starts on a giddy, permissive high and becomes incredibly tedious and heavy handed, though I wouldn't change a frame considering how out-there and unapologetically nuts the whole project is.

The most cuckoo scene of all has Turner wiping a substance from her mouth after a particularly racy trick.

Well, I just caught up with Ken Russell's memoirs and here's what he said about it:

"The regal facade and icy aloofness disappeared once Kathleen got down to the acting, though one had to be discreet when it came to discussing oral sex and sperm on the lips and the best way to swallow a mouthful.

"After sampling two flavors, Kathleen settled for lemon yogurt rather than plain.

"But when it came to swallowing, we needed something with more body, and neither mussels nor oysters appealed to her.

"In fact, she drew the line at swallowing anything at all, though she was quite happy to lick away a mixture of yogurt and gooey lipstick from her mouth for as many takes as necessary.

"In all things professional, she was near faultless.

"It was her imperious off-screen manner that was the problem and her overbearing condescension."

I guess she was a little hard to swallow herself--but brilliant nonetheless.

Thanks to Kenyon Phillips for serving up this bawdy bauble for my re-viewing.

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Hey Michael, does Russell talk about his encounters with Faye Dunaway in his autobiography? You had written a blog about how he almost strangled her once.


And the usually fun Annie Potts drags it down in a dreary thankless role!

musto moderator

Russell explains that after Turner signed to do this movie, Romancing the Stone became a big hit and suddenly Turner was a hot property (much hotter than after Body Heat). That made her nervous about "Crimes" as a career choice, and Turner admitted, "My friends are telling me it's going to ruin my career." But she did it like a pro and even won the L.A. Film Critics Best Actress award for it (and Romancing). And it was hardly her last spin at outrageousness--remember Serial Mom?


There's certainly no reticence in her Miss Liberty scene! None whatsoever.


Love this crazy film!! Perkins singing "Get Happy" is a highlight.