The Movie With The Most Ex-TV Stars

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The way to make it in music these days is to play cruise ships and theme parks, but if you want to be a movie star, break out on TV first.

Oz The Great and Powerful--opening today--features no fewer than four major film folk who started on the small screen.

James Franco, as you'll remember, was in Freaks and Geeks.

Michelle Williams made a name for herself on something called Dawson's Creek.

Mila Kunis time-tunneled from That '70s Show.

And before he was a flying monkey, Zac Braff became known for wearing Scrubs.

It's such an ex-TV-star-laden cast that I started wondering if Rachel Weisz was on Melrose Place or something. (She wasn't.)

Anyway, it's comforting to know that TV launches so many stars to the big screen and also it's thrilled to take them back after all that stuff peaks!

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love fairy tales and the WOO ( original).

But this film is being so savaged by the critics I dont know if this will be worth 2 hours of my life and 14 bucks tosee.


This movie looks nice. I hate nice.


Soon, the Glee movie will have the most ex-TV stars, lol.