Three Words I Never Want To Hear Again!

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Hush, hush, sweet...everyone! Stop saying the three words that seem to pop up in every conversation, interview, article, blog, and Facebook page these days, just because people are too lazy to come up with fresh, meaningful language.

Separately, these words scream "cliche," but when used together, they practically create a world health crisis.

And those words are...



and resonate.

It's really become an epidemic. I recently went to an event where you got to interview the creative team about their upcoming project, and every one of them seemed to be using some combination of those words, usually all three at once.

"It's an iconic journey that really resonates with audiences" was the most common utterance.

And of course, when you're drawing upon such musty verbiage, you can randomly switch the words around and it won't matter a bit. "It's a resonant journey that's becoming really iconic" would be perfectly fine. Or "It's a resonant iconography that becomes a significant journey."

And it never ends. The other day, I turned on the TV and someone was being interviewed about her own vehicle: "It's quite a journey," she said, as I instantly felt queasy. "We're basically taking iconic images..." Oh no! Don't say it! Hush!..."and we feel they resonate with audiences."

Oh, dear God. SHUT UP!!!!

I'm iconic and I've been on a very long journey and if anyone uses those words one more time, my screaming will resonate!

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I thought the three words were "Hush Hush Sweet" and was puzzled because I didn't know of that phrase being overused.  Glad I read the post!  Oh Michael, you're so right: the words you meant certainly are overused.  Mainly by vile, sorry little bitches and smirking Judases working in public relations, which always sounds like something dirty to me. 

RobertAllenFirth 1 Like

If you want to read a catalogue full of clichés, get a copy of any Sundance Film Festival brochure.  Every film is "a bold experiment into an untold world where darkness reigns, told by a fresh new voice in American cinema."  Translated:  "This film stinks, but we had to say something nice about it."


Was reading an American art magazine the other day. Almost every article had "icon" or "iconic" at least once, most often referring to art that is not remotely iconic, let alone decent. When the publications that should know better no longer do, we are fighting a losing language battle.


I saw this on Wednesday, and it was great to witness a full theatre all realizing at the same time that they were witnessing a star performance.


That was an INSIGHTFUL, MEANINGFUL, helped me COMPLETE MY was SPIRITUAL...(weeping)  XOOXOXOX!!!


the word passion is also overused.