What's The Difference Between A Priest And A Pedophile?

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Lady Bunny has the answer to that in her new, hilarious assortment of jokes (below), which she obviously filmed right in front of the Vatican.

And she did so in a shmatte similar to what the new Pope will surely be wearing! (Though Bunny has way better hair.)

Anyway, I suppose you'll want an answer to that setup line. Alas, I'm Catholic, was raised on the good book Jesus, and I do believe I want to see the morning.

But what the hell, I'll give you punchline:

"Some pedophiles fuck girls."

Rim queen. I mean, rim shot.

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Lady Bunny is right on the money. Everything she says happened and is still happening to kids around the world. A priest raped me when I was 3 and my brother too. He committed suicide. Nuns in Sparkill, NY smothered me and put me in a coma. So it’s more than just pedophiling – they kill children.It took me 65 years before I could tell my story on amazon. Tell Bunny to keep up the good work.


My favorite Lady Bunny (via Wigstock) joke:

"What's the difference between  a man and a refrigerator?"

"The refrigerator doesn't fart when you take the meat out"