24 Songs To Get High To For National Weed Day

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Not that I'm endorsing this or anything.

But with National Weed Day coming tomorrow, it's a good time to toke--I mean take--notice of which songs would be the best to inhale to. If that were allowed.

The songs come courtesy of mind-blow bands like Pink Floyd, Genesis, Grateful Dead, and the Stoned, I mean the Stones.

Yikes. No, I haven't been listening.

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"The Allman Brothers Band / In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed"

The first time I ever smoked a doobie was when I was on a teen Church conference in Atlanta when I was about 16yrs old.  The Allman Bros happened to have a concert the same time and a gang of us went ("we" were the "good kids") so the adults didn't have a problem...you could've gotten a contact high in the arena.