Debbie Reynolds: My Husband Wanted To Kill Me

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In her new book, Unsinkable, America's sweetheart Debbie Reynolds talks about her bad luck with husbands.

But while she could sort of understand Eddie Fisher leaving her for Liz Taylor, it was harder to fathom her third husband, Richard Hamlett, cheating on her with some strumpet.

Debbie relates how she was drowning her sorrows in cheap wine one night while realizing that not only was her hubby playing around on her, he was--according to her--getting various properties that were supposed to be in Debbie's name put in other people's names.

When Richard came home and Debbie confronted him about his shadiness, he kept insisting that they go out onto the balcony to discuss things further.

Debbie became convinced that he was aiming to push her off the balcony, cash in the insurance policy, and call it an accident!

As hubby went to the balcony and waited, Debbie promptly crawled into the closet--as it were--and hid until he eventually left. And then she locked him out.

The book, once again, is called Unsinkable. And Unkillable. Unpushable. And Irreplaceable.

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OMG, I intentionally clicked on a Debbie Reynolds link INSTEAD of the adjacent link to 100 Hot Turkish men. My life is over.


Reynolds has always denied that she was a lesbian (remember those stories about Deb and Agnes Moorehead?). But considering her choice in husbands, she would have been much better off with gal pals -- and a lot wealthier, too.

bethesda topcommenter

Sounds like a great book for a second memoir.