Gay Porn Handler Talks About How The Industry Has Been Decimated

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David Forest (long out of prison) with Ryan Idol (currently in prison)
This week's column is a real doozy.

It's an interview with David Forest, who started out in the music biz, but when he eventually went bankrupt, some emergency action needed to be taken.

So he segued into handling porn stars like Ryan Idol and Ken Ryker, arranging their films, live appearances, and sometimes personal adventures, before the Internet changed the face of intimacy for all time.

And then the bedroom floor fell through the industry.

Forest--who served jail time in the 1990s for pandering and pimping--talks about how $25,000 fees for gay porn stars turned to $2000.

Also, he illuminates why so many of these stars seem troubled and self destructive.

What's more, Forest details the hot sex he had in prison, where he serviced more people than a porn star!

And he digs into his well of '80s memories and tells me which famous stars were his clients.

There's also a current client, who...

Well, read the column.

Zeb Atlas, whom Forest currently handles.

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