Karen Black Interview! She Reveals Her Screen Inspiration

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Paper's Angelo Pitillo nabbed an interview with one of our all-time favorites, Karen Black--she of the wonderful eyes, burning intensity, and wry humor--just as she's being celebrated in a well-deserved film festival right here in our fair city. Pitillo lauds Karen's timeless glamour and charm and gets her to reveal some amazing things:

*Which old-time movie actress inspired her first?

*Was every little bit of Nashville improvised, including her hilarious line about Julie Christie?

*What does she think of Kembra Pfahler and the Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black?

*What does she consider the ultimate Karen Black film?

As always, Karen's replies are truthful, kind, and completely devoid of voluptuous horror. The woman who worked with Altman, Hitchcock, and Schlesinger, and also appeared in culty kitch-ins like Airport '75 and Burnt Offerings will live on my shelf forever.

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"Can you see me? I can't see you!" when she's performing in that dive in "Nashville."


"Movie star? She can't even comb her hair!"

 I "can't" believe that line was improvised...it fit PERFECTLY!!!

Having grown up in the South during that time frame that exactly what the character would say.

"Nashville" is my numero uno film and I am "honored/ashamed" to say that when I met (ok,intruded on) Ronee Blakley "Barbara Jean" in the then Stonewall Annex, I begged/groveled/pleaded her to sing "He Has A Tape Deck In His Tractor"...which she did...AHHH!


P.S. - To this day I still don't get Lily Tomlin as the White gospel singer...mother of  disabled kids, yes, brilliant..


Do you have something against W.C. Fields and Me?