Leonardo DiCaprio Is Now An "Event Bookazine"

You have to admit that Leonardo DiCaprio has emerged as quite a not-boring film star. With nutty movies like Inception, J. Edgar, Django Unchained, and now The Great Gatsby (with The Wolf of Wall Street howling in the wings), he's become a sort of glossier version of Johnny Depp--someone who takes chances, albeit on a very well-paying level.

Well, along comes an illustrated "event bookazine" about Leo by author Mark Bego, who revels in the guy's career trajectory.

In the book, Leo is quoted as saying about his choices:

"If you're in a position to choose these characters, it's also in some way a reflection of you. It's something you want in yourself. It is my creative release. People always tell me I should paint or do something else creative. No. This is what I do. I'm not going to go paint. I'm an actor. I'm fortunate enough to know what I love to do. I won't be having an album coming out soon!" he added, laughing.

So while he may be a movie star and even an event bookazine, he's not a nouveau folk singer or worse, a celebrity poet or portrait painter. Whew! But maybe he needs to be. When I googled "Leonardo Wikipedia," the first thing that came up was something about some Renaissance artist!

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What's a Wego you say? Wellllllll A Wego is simply the best. Better than all the rest. Long Live King Mark Louis Bego the VII. 


Is it just me? I don't find DiCaprio to be leading man material. He's looking more paunchy than ever and his acting has never been more than just average.


@MSpeer No...It's not just you, it's me!  I don't "hate" the guy, but maybe he needs to do some "indy" thing to get the fire back....his stuff lately reeks of "safe."