My "Saturday Night Fever" Disco Extravaganza Is Nigh!

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And it's looking to be even more eye popping and ear stoking than the last one.

It will trot out Elektrik Company, a big band complete with backup singers, all dolled up a la disco fever bunnies.

Me singing disco tunes I remember becaue I learned them when they originally came out!

And my special guest stars:

Sarah Dash from the '70s power group Labelle (who had a hit with "Lady Marmalade" way before Xtina and company).

Orfeh, a vocal powerhouse and Tony nominee

Joey Arias, the diva himself, blessed with several octaves of soul

And Tish & Snooky, legends who went from Blondie to Manic Panic.

The result will bring dancing, surprises, and--warning--some serious polyester.

And it's all in the old basement of Studio 54, which has been spiffed up and upscaled for the Zoloft crowd.

You'll make me feel mighty real if you let out your leisure suit and get down to the boogie-oogie-oogie sounds we'll be percolating. After all, you're the heart and soul of New York City.

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Pam Windo & the Shades, Helen Schneider & The Kick, Ellen Shipley, Ellen Foley, Gary Numan, Suzanne Fellini ("Makin' Love on the Phone"), the Flying Lizards ("Money"), B-52s, Blondie, Bowie ("Boys Keep Swingin'") these were new wave classics heard on the 9th Circle jukebox circa 1980 which would have been fun for you to do instead of disco.


Where da hell did I put that Erté Nik-Nik shirt?


..must be in the same place as that skinny "double wrap-around" belt that I sweated through in my Jordache's.