Nate Berkus Is Officially Engaged

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The interior designer and his boyfriend, former Rachel Zoe assistant Jeremiah Brent, made it official on Monday, when Berkus popped the question, according to Us.

This happened atop Machu Picchu, and I bet while they were up there, the two of them zhooshed things around and made everything look a little more fab.

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I bet they won't honeymoon in Sri Lanka!  But as my mind wanders...wouldn't it be cool if Fernando reappeared on Nate and Jeremy's wedding day, like in the movies? He was presumed dead but he survived, and lived the last eight years on an island (another island!) with someone and Nate is jealous?  Now, THIS would be reality TV worth watching!!!  

jonnyonenote 1 Like

For those of us not "in the know," it would have been nice if you had said who was on the right and who was on the left.

Even sadder commentary on celebrity-status these days is that being an assistant to Rachel Zoe merits a mention.


The gift registry should be minimal or outrageously expensive!  And how would you dress for sucha thing?

"La Mode, La you've let me down"

Hmm...Oprah gonna be there?  [naah...forget I said that...well, rehearsal dinner]


Now that I've thought about it...."private wedding, public reception"