No Tony Nomination For Bette Midler

Categories: Theater

They must have thought her performance as agent Sue Mengers in I'll Eat You Last was just too frothily campy to count as capital-A Acting--especially when you have serious contenders like avant-garde queen Fiona Shaw angsting it up in The Testament of Mary.

But wait, they didn't nominate Shaw either!

And yet, I have to say they came up with a very accurate list of who shone this season, and they even dug back to some shows that closed and showered them with recognition, not punishing them for having opened earlier than other productions.

Though The Mystery of Edwin Drood should have gotten more acting nominations, I'm sorry.

But I'll stop now. Congrats to the nominees.

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normadesmond 1 Like

the divine one will just need to comfort herself with glowing reviews, sold out performances and adoring fans. really, not so terrible.

SouthernDave 1 Like

Boooooo! Hissssss!

Bette has been a terrific actress since she first sang a song and created a persona with which to sell it.

musto moderator editor

Other big names not nominated: Sigourney Weaver, Jessica Chastain, Scarlett Johansson, Alec Baldwin, Alan Cumming. The nominators truly seemed to have voted their hearts.