Patricia Clarkson As Two Great Actresses?

Categories: Theater

That would add up to three great actresses, counting Clarkson herself.

But let me explain. At the opening night party for Kinky Boots last night, I told the multi-award-nominated Clarkson that L.A. Times critic Charlie McNulty is writing a play about the late, great method mama Kim Stanley, and he and I both agreed Patricia would be divine in the role.

"The younger Kim, of course," I added, sensibly, when I told her about this.

Well, Patricia seemed pleased--and I pray it actually happens someday--though she's next set to play another grand diva of the stage and screen. She's gearing up to to do a movie about the throaty, showboaty, and wickedly witty Tallulah Bankhead, set around the time Hitchcock gave her a whole new career rescue with Lifeboat.

Can't wait for the three-DVD set: "Patty! Kim! Tallu!" Or at the very least the Blu-ray release called Tallu on Blu!

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