Saying "I Like Your Work" Isn't Good Enough Anymore

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As cliched as the saying is, I always enjoyed hearing people come up to me and exclaim "I like your work" or "I'm a fan."

It fills you with a momentary glow of meaning, a validating sense that your toilings have actually paid off in that someone's noticed them and not found them totally repulsive. They really, really like you!

But that's not good enough for me anymore. The stakes are higher these days.

In the last six months, I've had two people gush to me, "You saved my life!" (I guess meaning that my openly gay stance helped them be gay themselves), not to mention someone else enthusiastically saying, "You created me! You made me!"

OK, two of those three people happened to have been sloshed at the time, but still, the head-spinning praise gave me a rush and upped the ante so that I now tend to demand a higher level of benediction than the usual polite laudings.

If someone now tells me "I like your work," I'm usually thinking, "Fool! That's the best you can do? I save lives and create people!"

But still, bring it on and let's try it anyway.

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After reading through Musto's archive and seeing how slight and self -obsessed his posts are, suddenly his firing makes sense.


I said the "like your work" thing to director Amy Heckerling on the street when I met her through my friend, then I saw "Vamps."


guess when i finally spy you on the street,

all i'll be able to do is read you to filth.

musto moderator editor

Thank you, Dave. Thanks, Savannah. YOU folks made me. Truly.


I like/love your blind items!

I chortle over the way you maneuver celebrities into saying things that give their publicists and "handlers" heart attacks. (This is because many of your questions and observationsare so unexpected.)

Your theater reviews are THE.BEST.

Giggle uncontrollably (and I'm too old to giggle!) when you get dressed up for photo spreads;  just like Marilyn and Avedon.

Your columns have a sense of proportion: humorous, serious and everything inbetween.

Love your anger, your compassion, your activism, the offbeat information and history that you disseminate.

Appreciate  your offhand, yet superb way with words: the writer as entertainer.

As for you, Savannah, your "Bell Tells"comment was great! Arthur, you are remembered.


Is it narcissistic to say you created me and I like your work?