Tan Mom Wants To Do Porn! Here Are Some Titles For Her

Categories: Porn

In case you missed it (or blocked it out), TMZ unearthed a letter that the infamous Tan Mom--a/k/a Patricia Krentcil--sent to a porn company, saying she's not only hot, she's hot to trot in an adult film, at least if a very big paycheck is dangled like a tube of Coppertone.

They replied with some excessive nastiness, but if T.M. manages to find another company to bite, not only will the lube budget be rather low--the woman comes pre-shined--but the potential titles are a riot.

Warm Leatherette

Californicatin' Raisin

The Dark Side of Mooning

Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me

Hotter Than Hell

Brown and Serve Slut

Melanoman's Land

Tan and a Half

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