"There's Nothing Wrong With Drinking If You Know Why You're Drinking"

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"I know why I drink. I drink to get bagged.

"I am no alcoholic. I'm a drunkard. There's a difference. I don't have to go to meetings. Ha! Ha!

"Drinking removes warts and other skin blemishes. Not from you, but from the people you are drinking with.

"Write what you want, pal. I don't care if people know I drink."

Those words were said by classic comedian Jackie Gleason (of The Honeymooners fame) in an old book called Hollywood is a Four Letter Town by entertainment reporter James Bacon.

Even then, it came off like a colorful rationale. But today, it seems extra self-defeating and off base.

Cheers to Jackie's immense talent, though.

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No secret it was.  After all, there he was Jackie on stage during his self titled variety show, drink and cigarette in hand.  Yeah, I'm a broad who saw it with my own eyes back in the 60s.


My father said he belonged to an organization called Alcoholics Unanimous.


Whew...now I won't feel so bad when I get out my Waterford crack pipe...a lady has class.