Tony Randall Was Well Hung!

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So says Debbie Reynolds in her wonderful new memoir, Unsinkable.

Debbie remembers hearing a thumping noise and some opera singing while she sat in her trailer on the set of the 1959 comedy The Mating Game . It was coming from Tony Randall's trailer, so she promptly headed there to investigate, as any sensible person would do.

And the actor was completely naked, jumping up and down and singing arias. The thumping noise must have been the giant pogo stick in action, lol.

This wasn't Randall's version of the titular mating game (though I suppose it could have been). It was some kind of creative catharsis and/or warmup that he did to inspire his entire body.

And Debbie says it was huge! Even huger than his voice! Felix Unger couldn't have been any more hunger.

The book also has tales of Bob Fosse's unwanted pokes, James Garner's prank vibrator, and Shelley Winters double (getting) header.

Go get it already.

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i hated randall when he was alive and continue to hate him while he's dead. reading that he had a big cock doesn't change the way i felt or feel. i hope it's serving him well today.


Wasnt it pretty well known that Eddie Fisher was hung big ? So other than being a terrible father, a drug addict, and a major a-hole , at least she got a little ( or BIG) something from him.


Waited on him at the Haagen Dazs on Columbus Ave. in the 80s, he liked two flavors mixed together in the same container.  He was very particular and demanding a lot like Felix.  But kinda hot back then.  I think he was bi.