Which NYC Restaurants Used To Be Sex Clubs?

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Watch what you're eating when dining at a fancy NYC restaurant.

You see, several upscale joints around town used to be raunchy, wham-bang anonymous sex places in livelier days.

As this article in today's Daily News (which I'm quoted in) describes:

Liberty Inn used to be the Anvil.

Sea Tai was once the Mineshaft.

675 Bar is the site of the former Vault.

And so on into the night, as cream sauce because just cream sauce.

But there are still some places for (modified) frolicking, including the one I'm gradually getting over, just in case it becomes a seafood restaurant!

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The old Lucky Chengs on First Ave, was a Club Baths. Not too much of a contrast, I suppose.


and Jason Goldberg, the other CEO of Fab.com had Darren Criss perform at his wedding...hope they save a little of that VC funding for when the company tanks...


@mikeymusto As a good Hoboken boy, i proudly admit, I shot many a load in most of those places.


@catekustanczy @mikeymusto The building that used to hold Lucky Cheng's and La Nouvelle Justines was the old Club Baths. They both shared the same building, just had different entrances.