Autograph Show Legends Captured By Angelo Pitillo

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Udo Kier (from Warhol's Frankenstein and Dracula) was so not a monster.
This week's column is an explosive jaunt to a New Jersey autograph show (Kevin Clement's Chiller Theatre), where you could buy signed photos of your favorite cult stars or simply ogle them from a safe distance.

Angelo Pitillo went up in their faces and captured the magique.

My second favorite Monkee Peter Tork is now my fave. He's funny and cute and has a blues CD.

Nell Campbell went from Rocky Horror to club queen and beyond, while always being faithful to that wonderful hairdo.

Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster) and I caught up as Yvonne DeCarlo seemed to be saying "I'm still here."

Silver fox Barry Bostwick is a Rocky Horror legend, but naturally, we talked Scruples.

Oliver's Mark Lester confirmed to me that he gave Michael Jackson sperm. "Where is glove?"

I told Oliver's Shani Wallis I'm still furious that director Carol Reed cut away from her last note of "As Long As He Needs Me" for a long shot. She lit up and said, "That's what my husband says! I guess it was considered artistic."

Diff'rent Strokes' Todd Bridges is clean and sober. And hot.

Wayne's World's Tia Carrere is still schwing-ing.

Debbie Gibson will always be electric youth to me. Love huh.

If Lorenzo Lamas was a porn star, I'd watch way more porn.

Dennis the Menace's Jay North told me he really wanted to be a baseball player, but admitted that at 61, it probably won't happen.

The Kardashians have nothing on this all-American family. Wolf!

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