Dubya's Europe Trip Was Canceled After His Arrest Was Called For! UPDATE

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George W. Bush was all set to go and torture Switzerland with his views when several human rights groups spoke up, asking for him to be arrested and investigated on grounds that he propagated torture.

No, not with his mispronunciations.

They mean with his waterboarding tactics, for one thing.

Perhaps admitting to having approved that practice in his memoir was...dumb.

So was doing it in the first place.

Update: This story turns out to be not new, despite having been presented as breaking by a gossip site. My apologies. I find it still very much relevant, though. After all, Dubya still hasn't been prosecuted for his crimes.

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It's not okay when Bush does it, but it's patriotic when Obama does it. Okay, I think got the logic.


I'm so conflicted.  Like a parent whose kid just got arrested for rape.  I want the perp held accountable, but I don't want my kid locked up.  I want him held accountable, but I don't like the precedent of putting the US president on trial.  What about going after Rumsfeld? That one I have no qualms about.

robertgsmiley like.author.displayName like.author.displayName like.author.displayName like.author.displayName 4 Like

I sure wish he had gone. It would have been the first step to the Hague and indefinite imprisonment.


Yes Michael, do take this down, so I can forget atrocities ever happened....then let's work on the Holocaust, Slavery, AIDS [that's sooo 1980's]...etc.  That works, doesn't it?

Alan-8 like.author.displayName like.author.displayName 2 Like

It's necessary to prosecute this war criminal to set a precedent for future potential war criminals: If you murder and torture from your high office, you will be brought to justice.

The government officials, who prevented W's prosecution so far, are accessories to war crimes after the fact, and also need to be charged with their felonies.


Yeah guys, History Sucks! Everyone knows there is no value in events occurring before today... and to that end, does anyone really think re-aired episodes of SNL from the 80's are even remotely funny?


take the story down - and for the last time - go to rehab for your sick obsession with W -- concentrate on this year not 2011